Texas Event Planning Companies

Folks who do stellar event planning in Texas have often spent years developing the most reliable vendors and identifying the most appropriate attractions in Texas for each particular client’s program. Over time, Texas event planning companies understand the need to avoid products and services that can disappoint, leaving a question mark on your company branding efforts. Sort of like bowling with bumpers, you are guaranteed to knock some pins down (and avoid gutter balls) when choosing event planning professionals.

True, with the help of the internet and a little luck, you can put together an fairly decent plan for a Texas event. That is if you aren’t busy, and are willing to spend the time to locate vendors, venues, speaker and attendee gifts, event managers, marketers, and branding gurus to make it all happen. Even then, do you have confidence all the issues are covered and everyone will keep you in the loop and deliver as promised on time and within budget?

Listed below are some event planning companies with expertise in Texas. If you want to get the best out of your Texas event, consider one of these professionals.

Texas Event Planning Companies

Texas Crazy

Offices in: Abilene, TX
Event Planning in Texas since: 2003
Geographic Areas Covered: All of Texas
Texas Event Meeting Gifts: Yes
Event Management: No
Venues: No
Texas Corporate Gifts & Speaker Gifts: Yes

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Please note: if you have had the good fortune to work with a super event planner or event planning company that has special expertise and a passion for Texas events, we’d love to get that information at our Suggest an Event Planning Company.