Texas Event Planning Checklist

Whether you are a veteran corporate events planner or are part of an admin team, if you have been asked to put together a special event in the lone star state, this Texas Event Planning Checklist is designed for your use!

Consider Using this Texas Event Planning Checklist as a meeting agenda

The following checklist is actually a form that you can use as a meeting agenda for planning upcoming Texas events. Fill out the questions online while brainstorming with your company stakeholders. To make it a bit more fun, you might grab some corn chips and medium spicy salsa to get the team in the mood.

Once the event planning meeting is completed these notes can be emailed to you as a meeting record, so that the next steps in researching this company event can roll out smoothly.

Texas Event Planning Checklist

  • Who inside our company is the event planning coordinator for this Texas event?
  • Prior to this event, whose input should be sought?
  • Who internally will coordinate payment of event finances?
  • Do we have one or more external product or service suppliers who we would like to partner with in putting on this event (offering xyz for co-op support)?
  • Who internally will be approving the finalized event plan?
  • Please enter a number from 10 to 100000.
  • Will the project team members be using collaboration software on this project (asana, basecamp, etc) and if so which one?
  • What are the event's primary goals (check all that apply)?
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • What is the internal project name we should assign to this Texas Event?
  • Is this project part of a larger company program and if yes, what?
  • What is the dollar amount budgeted for this particular Texas event?
  • If already determined, where would the primary event venue be located?
  • If required, where would a secondary event be located?
  • Listed below are the major regions of Texas which might help you choose a regional flavored location. Which regions might be a candidate for this event?
  • Listed below are themes Texas is known for that may help spark creativity in choosing type of venue, location, attire, meeting gifts, and more. Which ones should be incorporated in the Texas event plan?
  • Listed below are some Texas-flavored activities which might help you in choosing a location. Which activities might fit into your overall Texas event plan?
  • Please email me a copy of this checklist 🙂
    What kinds of products will the attendees use to reinforce the event objectives?
    After going through this event planning checklist, are there any areas of this particular Texas event that we want to consider using an external event planner? If so which areas?