2018 Texas Event Planning Guide

Howdy and welcome to the online 2018 Texas Event Planning Guide. Texas is an amazing place to live, work, and play. Here are some strategies to plan your future Texas events. Should you have any comments or questions, please give us a shout at Texas Event Planning Customer Support.

2018 Texas Event Planning Guide Tips

A bit sad but true, any written non-fictional work on what’s happening today starts to degrade as soon as it hits the printed page. In the internet age we live in a living flow of ideas and people and communities who each have trajectories which can help enrich our lives. As you plan for a Texas event in 2018, consider how each of these issues may help you with your unique situation.

Think Global Business

People are impressed when you mention you are from Texas. And not just because folks think JR Ewing was the prototype of the average Texan (we all don’t have an oil well in the front yard and longhorns in the back). That favorable recognition Texans enjoy is no small part of the reason that treated as a stand alone nation, Texas economy is the 10th largest in the world. And the continued growth of both imports and exports due to our business-friendly infrastructure makes Texas a true hub central to “do bidness” worldwide. Texas is a natural meeting place where the big dreams are launched.

Think Regions of Texas

Unlike many of the other states in the good ‘ol USA, Texas enjoys incredible variety in it’s different geographic areas. Sport fishing? Consider the salt water gulf coast region or one of the many well stocked fresh water man-made lakes of North or East Texas. Love music? Texas is flavored by country, jazz, German polka, spirituals, rock ‘n roll, Cajun, and western. Austin and the Texas Hill Country is ground zero for multiple streams of music (think Forth Worth western swing, Luckenbach festivals, Gruene dance halls, Austin jazz).

Think Culture

Think Food

Think Faith

Think Design

Think Future