Welcome to Texas!

Howdy! Thinking of holding a special event in Texas? Texas Event Planning is the place to begin exploring your options.

Event Planning Checklist

We’ve put together an online planner to begin the process of event planning for events in or about Texas. So grab your group and some munchies and give our Texas Event Planning Checklist a spin.

Event Planning Companies

Down through the years we’ve worked with many event planners from all over the US who love to unlock Texas events for their clients. Check out the list of Texas Event Planning Companies.

2018 Texas Event Planning Guide

Life in the Lone Star State travels in the fast lane. We’re collecting some of the best kept secrets for successful Texas events together, you are welcome to check out the 2018 Texas Event Planning Guide to help us all celebrate the Lone Star State!

Company Feedback

Finally, if you have had the good fortune to work with a super event planner or event planning company that has special expertise and a passion for Texas events, we’d love to get that information at our Suggest an Event Planning Company.